Time and Cost Analysis

Time and Cost Analysis in Process Maps:

ProcessPro enables you to take time and cost analysis in process maps further. By comparing processes against each other or using the Future State feature, you can analyse how a published process can be streamlined.

This feature is controlled at a process level by simply switching it on and off – a feature that becomes visible to users with the correct level of access.

Quickly compare your current process to historic versions, other processes, or a future state. With ProcessPro, timelines appear in the role embedded view.

For cost analysis, ProcessPro uses a variety of data sets:

  • Cost per hour of the role for each activity,
  • Time allocated to each activity,
  • Additional material costs,
  • The frequency that the process is performed.

Moreover, ProcessPro now includes additional data for analysis, including cost materials and wait times. Contact us to learn more about how time and cost analysis in process maps enhances your efficiency.

time and cost analysis in process maps


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