Link Documents to Process Maps

Document linking with ProcessPro enables fast and efficient information sharing across teams and departments using process maps.

Link documents to your process map at any stage, for easy access to relevant information, instructions, and visual demonstrations. With ProcessPro, you can attach text documents, image files, templates, screenshots and more to your process maps, headers, and individual activities – just drag and drop.

With quick view functionality, any team member can quickly view and find the images and files they need to work efficiently, all from within the process map. Images will automatically appear in process printouts. Furthermore, you can embed links to external document management systems such as SharePoint or Laserfiche, to create shortcuts for locating information.

ProcessPro uses centralised storage for documents, ensuring that if an original document is edited, it will be automatically updated to the new version on every process or activity it is linked to.

link documents to your process maps


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