Process Mapping Features

A dedicated process mapping platform, delivering cloud-based flexibility with no IT footprint. Listed below are some of the most popular process mapping features of ProcessPro. For a comprehensive walk-through, we encourage you to reach out to one of our friendly team or sign up for a free trial.

Create Visual Process Maps with Dynamic Control

You don’t need to be an IT guru to create process maps with ProcessPro. Our platform streamlines and simplifies the creation process, providing complete control from start to finish.

With our leading visual editor, instantly gain a fresh perspective. Or, jump in and micro-manage the finer details. The ProcessPro platform is flexible.

Complete visibility is also key, allowing you to identify potential gaps, bottlenecks or opportunities for improvement at a glance.

ProcessPro enables you to communicate the process for your business clearly. Effortless knowledge transfer.

process mapping features
process mapping features

Take Ownership of Business Processes

Process mapping with ProcessPro creates pure transparency and a sense of ownership for all involved.

Any changes made are instantly communicated, notifying all impacted parties.

Easy alignment with HR enables responsive process updates to stay on track regardless of staffing changes, or rapid onboarding of new team members.

Ultimately, this framework promotes teamwork and delivers accountability.

Process Mapping Features that Deliver Structure and Growth

With ProcessPro’s extensive process mapping features, your processes become a centralised repository, and a unifying centre that streamlines your entire business.

Create and share visible processes that encourage team responsibility and accountability.

Ensure every process can be artfully refined to produce predictable outcomes.

Retain internal knowledge, learn from mistakes, and track business progress like never before.

process mapping features
provide process feedback

Encourage Continuous Improvement

Embrace feedback in an open and honest system, encouraging accountability and ongoing improvement from every team member.

Allow key players stewardship over processes, delegating and awarding responsibility as necessary.

Finally, ProcessPro gives you the time and cost analysis you need to make informed decisions.

Take your business further. It all starts with process mapping at ProcessPro.

Key Process Mapping Features

ProcessPro is hosted with Azure with secure server locations in all Azure-supported regions.  All product and security updates are included in the subscription… learn more

Define custom activities within the process to automatically create visualization. Control activities with role assignments, process owners, and experts… learn more

Break activities into actionable tasks with detailed work instructions. This keeps users well-informed at all stages without complicating process visualization… learn more

Leap forward or backward within a process to keep pace with business changes, whether it’s the result of an activity outcome, approval, or decision… learn more

When a decision is made that affects the next step in the overall process, ProcessPro enables you to quickly review the impact visually and textually… learn more

Notes and warnings allow the process writer to inform users of crucial changes clearly, without adding complexity to the activities, tasks, or visualizations… learn more

Link to existing ECM or drop and drag key documents directly into your activities and processes for easy access without losing centralized control… learn more

Encourage continuous improvement via user feedback for a process, activity, document, or weblink, so process owners can develop and further improve… learn more

Draft the future state of a process securely, ensuring that your team cannot use an incomplete process or a newly created process without the proper approvals… learn more 

Dig deeper into your company’s effectiveness using access-controlled time and cost analysis to compare historical versions, future states, and more… learn more

Never lose a thing. View a complete history of processes, including relevant documents, images, and web links –  revert to any version, at any stage… learn more

The role-based system ensures processes can remain evergreen without excessive overhead administration. Use an API to update users and roles externally… learn more

Keep your team always informed with configurable alerts for new processes, feedback, and ownership changes, just to name a few… learn more

In reality, processes don’t always remain linear and can occur in parallel. ProcessPro enables you to clearly document this visually and within work instructions… learn more

Give users access to the information they need most with the ProcessPro dashboard. Everything is at your fingertips… learn more

Value Streams

Track high-level cross-functional or cross-departmental processes. Value Streams enable quick identification and correction when data is not captured.

Link to other processes directly from your current process, to clearly view how processes interconnect with each other for faster navigation… learn more

Share links with external users with set parameters or embed via an iFrame into other systems. Share the latest version with the power to revoke access anytime… learn more

Single Sign-On

ProcessPro supports single sign-on via ADSF, Okta, and MSA/Microsoft accounts to save time without re-entering authentication data.

Report and Exception Management

The reporting engine allows the admin to examine and proactively manage the system. Easily identify roles without assigned team members, broken processes, outstanding reviews, and tasks.

Export your data at any time. ProcessPro has export functions available via the API and integrations into SmartSheet… learn more

Process Approval

Ensure that processes remain compliant through multi-level process approval and workflow, before publishing a process to the wider team. 

Business Continuity

Classify processes at different levels based on your Business Continuity Strategy, to quickly identify and report a disruptive event that may have occurred.

Activity Information Requests

Request further information for a particular activity within a process from an internal user, or external party, to create a complete overview of the process. 

Process Status

Track process status with drafts, private, published, and offline labels to ensure your team is only using processes once corporately approved. 


The easy-to-use multi-company function allows users to easily navigate from one company to another based on access defined by the administrator. 


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