Sharing and Embedding

Simplifying Sharing and Embedding of Process Maps

Sharing and embedding your process map with external parties is simple. With ProcessPro, you can share via a unique link, allowing the recipient to view the overall process or activity without logging in or becoming a user. Additionally, you can embed processes externally in an iFrame.

The ‘view only’ mode suppresses usernames and shows only the roles. Moreover, you can generate a unique sharing link to a value stream. Whatever you share, the link directs to the most recent published version.

This feature is useful for feedback, allowing third parties to provide comments. They can also access linked documents and images via ProcessPro or print the process entirely. Furthermore, you can revoke access at any time.

Control and Flexibility in Sharing and Embedding Process Maps

Control how users view the process map by adjusting:

  • Zoom value
  • Hide or show the sidebar with detailed instructions
  • Show only the instructions without the visual map
  • Switch between swimlanes and embedded roles

By offering these comprehensive features, ProcessPro ensures that sharing and embedding process maps is efficient and secure. Consequently, you can maintain control while facilitating external feedback and collaboration. Discover our range of sharing features below.

process mapping features


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