Notifications and Alerts

Notifications and Alerts for Process Map Updates

ProcessPro uses notifications and alerts to keep user roles updated on important changes within a process. By utilizing these notifications, you ensure that users know when they must complete an assigned action.

Notifications and alerts automatically trigger in multiple scenarios:

  • When a process is published, ProcessPro notifies all users assigned to activities within it.
  • When feedback is received, ProcessPro alerts those assigned to the activity and the process owner.
  • If feedback is reassigned, completed, or resolved, ProcessPro sends a notification to all involved parties.
  • Feedback replies trigger an alert, informing users that an informational update is available.
  • If an owner on a process changes or an entire process is deleted, ProcessPro sends notifications to all involved users.

Furthermore, the history and version control features in ProcessPro make it easy to track and manage changes. For instance, you can quickly revert to a previous version of the process, ensuring that you maintain control over your process maps.

By providing these comprehensive features, ProcessPro keeps everyone in the loop and eradicates miscommunications. Consequently, your team can focus on efficiency and effectiveness. Discover our range of process map features below.

notifications and alerts


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