Future Process States

Easily Manage Process States with ProcessPro

ProcessPro allows future state process editing. By enabling you to clone a map and develop the future state of the process in isolation, you can make edits to a published process without interrupting the current workflow.

As a result, there are no messy edits or misdirected team members who accidentally start a work process that’s undergoing maintenance.

Amend, edit, and test a published process in future state, without altering the process your team members currently follow. Only when you have finalised the edits and hit publish will the future state replace the existing process map.

ProcessPro users find this feature particularly useful for Time and Cost Analysis, using it to preview how changes to an existing process will impact efficiency and more.

This is just one feature of many that you can utilise with ProcessPro to ensure that building, maintaining, and editing process maps is simple and easy.

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