Add Notes and Warnings to Your Process Map

The Notes and Warnings feature enables you to clarify communications and keep all team members on the same page. Another way in which ProcessPro prioritises simplicity and efficiency.

Add notes to any activity within a process, answering questions, providing more information, outlining instructions, or cautioning the team member assigned to that role. You can quickly bring new staff up to speed and keep the process map organised with these dropdown notes.

To create a note, you simply need to choose a note type – Standard, Question, Tip, Warning, or Exception. ProcessPro enables you to copy text into the note field from Microsoft Word too.

System Warnings are automatically generated, notifying you of any roles that have not been assigned to a user or processes that are overdue. Along with user-generated notes, they keep your process maps streamlined and coordinated.

Key features


Notes and Warnings

Linked Documents

Process Feedback

Future States

Time and Cost Analysis

History and Version Control

Role-Based Ownership

Notifications and Alerts


Value Streams

Sharing and Embedding

Single Sign-On

Exception Management

Exporting and Integrations

Process Approval

Business Continuity

Activity Information Requests

Process Status


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