How Process Map Collaboration Creates Success

process map collaboration

Building a process map in total isolation may be a good way to work efficiently without distractions, but it’s detrimental to your overall success. At ProcessPro, we’ve built our cloud-based platform with collaboration in mind, so you can bring your team together (including external contractors and collaborators) in one place.

Here are some of the real world benefits our customers have discovered by collaborating to build process maps from the ground up.

Process Maps Built for Collaboration

Creating, editing, revising and ultimately owning a process map is a team effort. With designated roles, from administrators to auditors, a business can see extraordinary benefits from process collaboration.

Create Loyalty and Ownership

Teams that are engaged in the development process will immediately bring to light important skills that you may be missing, with perspective and experience. In a managerial role, you know the ins and outs of the overall business. But it is the talent you employ who know the roles they are assigned to best.

Having team input for the creation of a process map instantly helps you avoid pitfalls you may not even be aware of. It also creates a sense of ownership – when every team member comes together to create a streamlined process, they are invested in its success too.

Engagement and Feedback

You should always encourage feedback on your process maps – a static process map quickly becomes stagnant and irrelevant.

ProcessPro enables feedback at every stage, so your process map can be amended to match real world experiences. Collaborating in the feedback process, by replying directly to feedback and assigning comments to team members for resolution, helps you stay on top of curveballs thrown at your business.

Oftentimes, success is continuous improvement rather than a fixed destination.

Up to Date with Real World Changes

Collaborating guarantees that even when a disaster strikes, you can adapt and move forward. We’ve seen countless examples of this throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, for example.

With teams suddenly working remotely or downsizing, and businesses shifting direction overnight to avoid becoming obsolete, collaboration became a key tool. Without collaboration, process maps that were once highly successful would quickly bite the dust.

Collaborating to pivot a business plan, whether it was through interdepartmental collaboration or even with your supply chain, became a way to find a “sustainable path to profitability” for many businesses.

Process maps that enabled collaboration in this way helped businesses succeed where others could not.

Process Map Collaboration for Your Business

At ProcessPro, our single platform software can be used to visualise the path you are on and take the next step in your business plan. Collaboration is a key component that we have worked into the features of our cloud-based platform, so no matter how large or distant your team is, they can work harmoniously toward success.

If you’d like to explore how business process management can help your business achieve success – and maintain it through ongoing improvement and process map collaboration – then get in touch.

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