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Process Mapping for Acumatica

Process mapping is an essential tool for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like Acumatica. It helps to clearly define and visualize the tasks, resources, and dependencies needed to accomplish tasks, allowing for more effective execution of activities while getting the whole team on the same page. Ultimately this helps organizations standardize their processes across multiple departments and teams; therefore, having the ability to embed ProcesProc directly into where your team needs it is critical to optimize outcomes. 

Process maps also help organizations identify areas that can be improved upon and monitored for better performance, resulting in increased efficiency. Furthermore, they provide a single source of truth that all stakeholders can refer to when making decisions or collaborating.

Process Mapping for Acumatica Features:
  1. View ProcessPro process from Acumatica Dashboard
  2. Access Acumatica screen from embedded process activities
  3. From ProcessPro, access Acumatica screens

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